Hallett Silbermann have an extensive and diverse fleet of low and semi-low loaders combined with a highly specialised fleet of trailers that offer full rear steering, extendable and height adjustable platforms, air suspension, and power winches.

What’s more, our escort vehicles are available for duty of all types of abnormal load throughout the UK and Europe.

The sheer diversity of our fleet ensures that we can respond to a wide variety of demands for specialised services. We can also handle day-to-day, routine operations with the same high level of professionalism.

Our low and semi-low loaders are much in demand for such projects as collection or delivery of heavy plant, many of which are time critical.

The ability to extend the length and adjust the height of many of our trailers enables us to respond an exceptionally wide variety of haulage challenges with complete confidence.

Our customers also appreciate our ability to provide more than vehicles and operators. We also provide advice and insight, especially when the transportation of a load may require the involvement of police, local authorities and other official bodies.

Full route surveys and documentation

If necessary, we’ll undertake full route surveys, co-ordinate the removal of street furniture with local authorities, advise you about any access problems that you’re likely to face – and recommend solutions – as well provide all the essential documentation and official liaison services you need for delivery to be successful.

We undertake this process on a regular basis, thoroughly understand the regulatory and documentation requirements, and have very good, long-established relationships with local authorities and other official bodies. Unless customers have their own specialised team to undertake this work, it is best left to us.

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