Admiralty Arch Project

Hallett Silbermann has been at the forefront of providing logistic solutions and specialist heavy haulage services to industry for over 70 years, gaining and maintaining a reputation for excellence of service delivery. In doing so, it has played its part in supporting the delivery of numerous high-profile infrastructure projects, including the likes of Thames Tideway, Crossrail, London Olympics 2012, Smart Motorways, Heathrow Airport developments and more recently HS2.

But it’s not all about the major national infrastructure projects; a great deal of the work is about the support provided to the multitude of ‘one-off’ construction projects that keep the wheels of industry, commerce and the wider society turning. It is this vital work that forms the backbone of our business and deserves celebrating.

Every now and then we are privileged to be asked to support something a little bit special. It could be argued that there are few more iconic locations in the heart of our capital city than Admiralty Arch, which is currently being beautifully transformed into the finest hotel and serviced residences. The opportunity to be involved in this project, working for our client Cementation Skanska, was something Hallett Silbermann jumped at.

Whilst most will instantly recognise this landmark and may have walked beneath its arches or watched runners in the final stages of the London Marathon as they enter The Mall, its place in history cannot be overstated.

Commissioned in 1901 in memory of Queen Victoria, for much of its working life the Arch was home to various senior elements of the Royal Navy (hence the name). Amongst the more notable included the likes of Sir Winston Churchill (1st Lord of the Admiralty), Earl Mountbatten (1st Sea Lord) and even Commander Ian Fleming (latterly of James Bond fame and who based much of his early work on his direct experiences conducting covert intelligence missions across the World). It is not an exaggeration to say that activity conducted within its hallowed walls has played a pivotal role in British history throughout the 20th Century.

Now vacated by the MOD, this landmark will receive a new lease of life, maintaining its status and prestige as a Great British landmark. A key element in the execution of the extensive construction works required was the installation of numerous concrete piles to support foundation works. Being highly experienced in the movement of such piling rigs in and around London and UK, Hallett Silbermann was the natural choice of Cementation Skanska. As an accredited haulier to Tideway, Crossrail and FORS Gold standard, our client was assured that they were in the best possible hands for the job.

The project involved the delivery and extraction of a 79 tonne Liebherr LB36 Piling Rig to site directly in front of Admiralty Arch. The job entailed multi-stage delivery via Hallett’s yard in Hatfield before undertaking the final stage to achieve a timed delivery. Being a CAT 3 STGO move and having to make the approach via The Mall, this meant having to pass as quietly as possible below HRH’s bedroom window in the early hours of a cold February morning. Taking this route also meant having to secure a Royal Park Pass; not an everyday occurrence.

Hallett Silbermann executed the task perfectly, deploying an escorted Euro 6 FH16 Volvo 8×4 STGO tractor unit in combination with the Broshuis 3+5 full rear steer, extendible Low Loader for the delivery. The extraction was completed with the same Low Loader but this time being hauled by the Euro 6 Scania R730 8×4 STGO tractor unit.

Best of British

It is perhaps pure chance that the concluding stage of this job was underway at just the moment that the UK formally left the EU on 31 January 2020. When combined with the iconic status of Admiralty Arch and the heritage of a one of the legends of UK Heavy Haulage, it comes as no surprise that this job should be considered a shining example of “Best of British”.



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